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Tangling Elevator is an early Mitsubishi elevator dealer. It has been operating in Tangshan for more than 20 years and is the regular distributor of Tangshan Mitsubishi Elevator.

The predecessor of Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co., Ltd. is Shanghai Aviation Industry Middle Technical School and Shanghai Labor Di Technical School. 1969 年两校合并建厂,成立长城机械厂。 In 1969 , the two schools merged to build a factory and established the Great Wall Machinery Factory. 年改名为上海长城电梯厂,成为国内生产电梯的骨干企业之一。 In 1981 , it was renamed Shanghai Great Wall Elevator Factory and became one of the backbone enterprises in the domestic production of elevators.

1 月成立了上海三菱电梯有限公司。 Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co., Ltd. was established in January 1987 . 60% ,外方 40% The joint venture company is composed of four parties, with an investment ratio of 60% for the Chinese party and 40% for the foreign party .

2 亿美元,占地面积 27 . 3 万平方米,现有员工 18 00 余人。 The company has a total investment of 200 million US dollars, covers an area of 273 thousand square meters, and currently has more than 1,800 employees.

2 7 年的创业与发展,已成为中国非常大的电梯制造和销售企业之一。 After 27 years of entrepreneurship and development, the company has become one of the very large elevator manufacturing and sales companies in China. The market share of products has maintained a leading position in the Chinese elevator market for many years. 0 年销售电梯突破 4 万台,创下了新的历史至高纪录。 In 2010, the sales of elevators exceeded 40,000 units, setting a new record in history. 7 年来,累计制造和销售电梯 36 万台。 Over the past 27 years, a total of 360,000 elevators have been manufactured and sold . 1993 年起连续 21 年实现的经济指标和效益在中国电梯行业中名列前茅。 The economic indicators and benefits achieved by the company for 21 consecutive years since 1993 have ranked among the best in China's elevator industry.

500 家之一,是中国机械工业核心竞争力十强企业,多次被评为我国质量效益型企业,二次荣获全国质量效益特别奖。 The company is one of the 500 Chinese machinery manufacturing enterprises and foreign-invested enterprises. It is also one of the top ten core competitiveness enterprises of China's machinery industry. 年荣获我国质量管理领域的至高奖——“全国质量管理奖”, 2006 年又获“上海市质量金奖”, 2009 年公司董事长 荣获头届上海市市长质量奖 In 2002 , he won the highest award in China's quality management field-"National Quality Management Award", and in 2006 won the "Shanghai Quality Gold Award". In 2009 , the company's chairman won the first Shanghai Mayor Quality Award . “文明单位”八连冠,上海市“最佳工业企业形象单位”三连冠,荣获全国“五一劳动奖状”和“全国精神文明建设工作先进单位”,在2005 年又荣获首届“全国文明单位”称号。 In the construction of spiritual civilization, Shanghai won the eighth consecutive title of "Civilized Unit" in Shanghai, the third consecutive title of "Best Industrial Enterprise Image Unit" in Shanghai, and won the "May 1 Labor Award" and "National Advanced Unit in Spiritual Civilization Construction" In 2005 , it won the title of "National Civilized Unit".

VVVF )电梯技术,成为国内首家推出 VVVF 系列电梯的制造企业。 Since the establishment of the company, under the specific responsibility of the joint investment parties and the Enterprise Technology Center (national level), the introduction and transformation of Japan's Mitsubishi Electric Corporation's world-leading fully computerized AC variable-frequency inverter ( VVVF ) elevator technology has become a domestic The first manufacturer to launch VVVF series elevators. GPS/GPM 全电脑控制智能化系列电梯和新型的自动扶梯系列,并与日本三菱电机联手开发优质的住宅电梯。 On this basis, the world's advanced new technology GPS / GPM full computer-controlled intelligent series of elevators and new types of escalators are continuously dynamically introduced and transformed , and jointly developed with Japan's Mitsubishi Electric Corporation to develop high-quality residential elevators. ELENESSA 新无机房和 NEXWAY 小机房等具有节能、环保的电梯技术。 In recent years, it has accelerated the transformation of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly elevator technologies such as ELENESSA new machine room and NEXWAY small machine room. 年公司引进了配置三菱独有的可变速技术的产品 MAXIEZ ,并在 2009 年将可变速技术加以转化。 In 2008 , the company introduced MAXIEZ , a product equipped with Mitsubishi's unique variable speed technology , and transformed the variable speed technology in 2009 .

HOPE 系列和小机房菱云( LEHY )系列电梯,以及变频液压电梯等多个产品系列,使自主知识产权的产品占销售总量的比例逐年提高。 While accelerating the introduction and transformation, we have increased the intensity of independent development. We have developed advanced computer-based network-controlled AC variable-voltage inverter HOPE series, small machine room Lingyun ( LEHY ) series elevators, and variable-frequency hydraulic elevators. Series, so that the proportion of products with independent intellectual property rights in total sales has increased year by year. 年自主知识产权的产品占销售总量 60% Products with independent intellectual property rights accounted for 60% of total sales in 2009 . 7 年来,以技术创新为核心,坚持做到引进与开发并重,使电梯技术始终保持国内领前,国际先进水平。 In the past 27 years, we have taken technological innovation as the core and insisted on equal emphasis on introduction and development, so that the elevator technology has always maintained the leading domestic and international advanced level. 34 个产品系列 200 多种不同规格的产品,形成覆盖市场不同层次需求的可供产品体系。 At present, the company has developed more than 200 products with different specifications in 34 product series , forming an available product system covering different levels of market demand.

7 年来,公司坚持以顾客为中心,贯彻 “全面覆盖、纵深发展”和“精耕细作”的营销理念,不断建立和完善以销售、安装、维保“三位一体”的市场营销运作体制和服务体系,在全国成立了7 个大区和 6 9 个直属分公司,并建立了 300 余个销售、安装和维修服务代理点。 Over the past 27 years, the company has adhered to the customer-centricity, implemented the marketing concepts of “full coverage, in-depth development” and “intensive cultivation”, and has continuously established and improved the marketing operation system and service system based on sales, installation and maintenance of the “Trinity”. It has set up 7 regions and 69 directly affiliated companies across the country , and established more than 300 sales, installation and maintenance service agents.

The company continuously absorbs and learns from the world's advanced management concepts and management methods, and strives to achieve enterprise management in line with international standards. ISO9001 ISO14001 OHSAS18001 三个管理体系的认证以及欧盟 CE 电梯指令认证。 Has passed ISO9001 , ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 three management system certification and the European Union CE elevator directive certification.

CIMS 应用工程,经过全面规划,循序渐进,已建立覆盖公司本部和全国分公司的信息化网络。 The company accelerated the construction of enterprise informatization, implemented CIMS application engineering, and after comprehensive planning, it gradually established an information network covering the company's headquarters and national branches. This integrated, synchronous, efficient, and stable information network supports the operation and operation of the enterprise with advanced technology and scientific management concepts around the clock.

“国际区域性知名公司”,尽快进入世界知名电梯企业行业。 The goal of Shanghai Mitsubishi's development strategy is to become an "international well-known company" and enter the world-renowned elevator enterprise industry as soon as possible. To achieve this goal, we will continue to carry forward the spirit of "unity, dedication, self-discipline and innovation", implement the "Four Strategies", adhere to the corporate culture of "exceeding ourselves and starting from scratch", and contribute more to the development of China's elevator industry.

Mitsubishi Elevator Tangshan Regular Distribution Office, established in 2010, has sold more than 4,000 Mitsubishi Elevators.

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