滨海分公司 对电梯售后服务的承诺 Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co., Ltd. Binhai Branch 's commitment to elevator service


项目的电梯工程,我们上海三菱电梯有限公司 滨海分公司 就售后服务部分作出如下承诺: For the elevator project of this project, our Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co., Ltd. Binhai Branch makes the following commitments on after-sales service:

I. Elevator operation and maintenance :

、在产品保质期内 A. During the product warranty period

12 个月的产品质保服务期。 After the owner's elevator installation and commissioning test is completed, it will enter our company 's product warranty service period of 12 months. 滨海 设立了维修中心并继续增加服务力量,确保电梯全部安全正常的运行。 Our company has established a maintenance center in Tianjin Binhai and continues to increase its service capacity to ensure that all elevators operate safely and normally.   

、每三个月我公司派维保人员对用户回访一次,同时对电梯进行例行保养。 1. Every three months, our company will send maintenance personnel to return visits to the customers and perform routine maintenance on the elevators.

、在产品质保期结束前我公司将为业主方电梯免费进行一次综合性的检查和试验,并免费矫正发现的问题。 2. Before the end of the product warranty period, our company will conduct a comprehensive inspection and test for the owner's elevator free of charge, and correct the problems found free of charge.

、与我公司签订电梯维修保养合同后 B. After signing the elevator maintenance contract with our company  

、在业主方电梯使用现场,都将有三菱电梯专业维修保养人员为业主方电梯进行巡回维护保养。 1. At the owner's elevator use site, there will be Mitsubishi elevator professional maintenance personnel to perform patrol maintenance for the owner's elevator.

、每台电梯的维护周期将被控制在两个星期左右。 2. The maintenance cycle of each elevator will be controlled at about two weeks.

、维修保养人员每三个月向业主方提交一份有关电梯维修保养情况的报告。 3. The maintenance personnel submit a report on the maintenance of the elevator to the owner every three months.

、对业主方某些在运行时间上有特殊要求的电梯,在维护时间上我公司将充分考虑业主方的安排。 4. For some elevators with special requirements on the running time of the owner, our company will fully consider the arrangements of the owner on the maintenance time.

24 小时电梯紧急维修服务。 5. Provide 24- hour elevator emergency maintenance service for the owner . 45 分钟内赶到 发生紧急情况 应在半小时内赶到处理 一般故障 2 小时内排除;较大故障,二天内修复;重大故障,经双方协商后确定修复时间。 After our company receives the owner's telephone warranty notification, it should be arrived within 45 minutes ; in case of emergency , it should be rushed to be handled within half an hour ; general failure should be eliminated within 2 hours; major failures should be repaired within two days; The time for repair will be determined after consultation between the two parties.

、每年免费一次“年度安全检查”。 6. "Annual Security Inspection" is free once a year.

Second, the supply of spare parts

、在产品质保期内 A. During the product warranty period

对于业主方的电梯,我公司将免费提供维修、保养用辅料,免费更换正常使用情况下损坏的电梯零部件。 1. For the owner's elevator, our company will provide auxiliary materials for repair and maintenance free of charge and free replacement of elevator components damaged under normal use.

、我们将在上海三菱电梯有限公司 滨海 分公司的备件库中采取冗余措施,单独为业主方的每一种类型的电梯随时准备着二套电梯控制板和足够数量的易损件。 2. We will take redundant measures in the spare parts warehouse of Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co., Ltd.'s Binhai Branch, and separately prepare two sets of elevator control boards and a sufficient number of wearing parts for each type of elevator of the owner at any time.

、我们还将准备一部分常用易损件,做到随用随有。 3. We will also prepare some commonly used wearing parts, so that they can be used at any time.

、在产品质保期过后 B. After the product warranty period has expired

、超出产品质量保修期后的备件供应,在有良好付款信誉的前提下,以 “先供应,后付款”为原则,确保 项目 电梯连续安全高质量运行。 1. Spare parts supply after the product quality warranty period is exceeded, and on the premise of good payment credit, the principle of "supply first, pay later" is used to ensure the continuous safe and high-quality operation of the project elevator.

、如业主方与我公司签订电梯维修保养合同,我们将在上海三菱电梯有限公司 滨海 分公司的备件库中采取冗余措施,单独为业主方的每一种类型的电梯随时准备着二套电梯控制板和足够数量的易损件。 2. If the owner signs an elevator maintenance contract with our company, we will take redundant measures in the spare parts library of Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co., Ltd. Binhai Branch, and separately prepare two sets of each type of elevator for the owner at any time. Elevator control board and a sufficient number of wearing parts.

、我们将为业主提供三年不变的电梯易损件、零备件、电梯维修专用工具价目表。 3. We will provide the owner with a price list of elevator wearing parts, spare parts and elevator maintenance tools that will not change for three years. 增加,此价格在五年内上调至多不超过 10% If manufacturing costs increase, the price will be increased by no more than 10% within five years .

In terms of technical training

    、我公司 为业主方提供若干上海三菱公司总部学习电梯技术的名额。 1. Our company can provide a number of places for the owner of Shanghai Mitsubishi Corporation to learn elevator technology.

、安排专业维修保养工程师到业主方电梯现场进行免费技术指导培训。 2. Arrange professional maintenance engineers to perform free technical instruction training at the owner's elevator site.

In terms of elevator repair and maintenance prices

         We will implement a full range of elevator maintenance services for the owner at a favorable price.

在客户提供住宿办公便利条件前提下 ,我们可以在工程所在地设立维保站点。 According to the customer's requirements and on the premise that the customer provides accommodation and office convenience , we can set up a maintenance site at the project location.

"Not good, only better", we in Shanghai Mitsubishi will continue to work hard, forge ahead, and strive for every sincere cooperation with our warm and thoughtful service

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